BTS Island In The SEOM – 5 Tips to Play The Game Like a Pro

BTS Island in The SEOM is now available worldwide. The most anticipated game of 2022 was launched on June 28th. Since then the game is trending is every digital platform. App store, google play everywhere you will find this amazing game in top 3.

If you have started playing BTS island then here we are sharing some secrets that will help you to level up faster. This game stands alone in the plethora of match 3 games, with unique storyline and most importantly you get to interact with the BTS members the game.

BTS Island In The SEOM will have lots on your plate, which means you need to play levels, and as you progress you will use the stars to progress in the storyline. You will see both puzzle and strategy combined gameplay in this game.

We have a beginner’s guide article that will take you through the basic things.

5 Tips to Play The Game Like a Pro

  1. Clubs

Join clubs once they are available. BTS island in the SEOM is a type of game that needs extra perks. You will need lots of extra Lives when you play the game. If you have lots of friends playing the game, you guys can make a club and help each other as needed. Also, friends can gift each other reputations in the game. Even if you don’t have many friends playing the game, just join an active club as soon as possible.

2. Free Lucky Boxes

Look for free lucky boxes in the game. You get these every 3 days. The gift boxes have free coins, lives and even decorations for your island too. These boxes are a great way to collect gifts. Try playing regularly or just try logging in the game to collect the gift.

3. In Game Events

You will see different events going on in the game all the time. The best one in my opinion in the unlimited lives is the best event in the game. It helps you in the challenging levels. I know how frustrating some levels could be, in those situation infinite lives are the blessings!

4. Make Boosters

Focus on making boosters in each and every level. The more boosters you make the easier the level gets. Get to know the boosters. In this game you will see quite a few boosters like; rocket, bomb, top, whale and energy axe. The most effective booster and my personal favorite is the whale booster.

5. Decorate Island and Interact With the characters

This is the most interesting tip I am going to share. This game has the unique feature to interact with each of the BTS member. You will take care of their happiness. Look for the yellow smiley faces on each of the member. You can click on the smiley and see what that character needs at any moment.

That’s all for today. By following this tricks you can very easily level up in the game. Visit our website for more tricks and hints for BTS Island In The SEOM.