BTS Island In The SEOM – A Beginner’s Guide

Calling all BTS Army! A brand new game is here to keep you busy. BTS Island In The SEOM is a gift to the BTS army from their very own BTS! This game is developed by HYBE IM Co. Ltd

The story of this game begins when the members of the popular K-Pop band BTS crashes on a deserted island. You have to help the members to survive in the island, until the rescue team arrives. In this article you will know about the game in detail, plus all the tips and tricks about the game.


Just like any other match 3 game, BTS Island will give you match 3 challenges. In every level you have to reach a certain goal and win the level. In every level you get a certain amount of move, within which you have to finish the level. You get starts after completing each level and later on you have to use them up to forward with the storyline.

As the game is based on an island adventure, all the elements of the gameplay are fruits, leaf, shell etc. This game follows the basic rules of any other match 3 game. For example: you have to match 3 items of same type and collect them.


Again the power-ups are quite similar with other match 3 games. Here are the boosters that you will see in the game:

  • Rocket: This booster can be made with matching 4 same types of items. After matching, you will see a rocket booster. Swipe this rocket with any adjacent item or double tap on it for activation. The rocket booster clears up an entire column or row, however you use it.
  • Bomb: If you match 5 same type items in a L or T shape it will create a bomb power-up. If you swipe or double tap it , the bomb will explode and will clear out a wiser area.
  • Top Power- up: If you combine 4 same types item in a square shape, it created a top booster. After double tapping the boosters clears a random item in the board. Usually it clears out the item you need the most at any particular moment in the game.
  • Blast Power-up: If you match 5 items in a line it creates a blast power up. After Making a blast-power up, just match it with any other element, it will then clear out that same type of item from the entire board.


The stars that you get from winning each level will be used in the storyline. There are several missions in the game, you have to use stars to complete each of them. As you complete each mission, you go further in the story and unlock more missions. Each band member has their unique dialogues and reaction with each task, that makes this game unique. It will feel like you are interacting with each of the member.

In Conclusion

So that’s was BTS Island. Now you may ask what makes this game different? Well, the background story is unique and you get to interact with each of the band member following this island adventure. The match 3 gameplay is not something we haven’t seen before, but still the gameplay makes this game different. The levels can be challenging, yet very much enjoyable. Even if you are not a BTS fan, you will have a good time play this game.