Trending Game – House Secrets The Beginning

Join Lucy in her thrilling adventure to a dark, mysterious land. The curse has turned a once-prosperous land into a derelict, abandoned place. Lucy discovers that she is the sole descendant of Arthur Applebaum, a genius inventor with glorious visions of the future. She travels to Europe to discover her identity and delve into the land of magical mysteries and puzzles. What awaits her exceeds her greatest expectations.

Begin your journey through the darkest corners of a magical land that lives its own life. Every corner has a secret. Join Lucy on the way to discover and explore the fantastic world of Mr Applebaum and his breathtaking projects. Uncover the fascinating stories of House Secrets and join Lucy in her mission to rebuild this land. Build stunning building and develop your map! Travel to magical locations and explore the mysteries of Mr Applebaum’s machines.

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