Lily’s Garden | Story Time | Is Blaine a changed man?

It’s storytime for Lily’s Garden fans! On day 20 Blaine comes back to Lily. He tells her that he is broke and has nowhere to go. Lily feels sad for him and let him stay in her outer house. But is it the truth? or something else is cooking is Blaine’s head? Find out below!

Blaine pretends to be a good guy. He is changed, he does yoga, paints to calm himself down. Lily gets soft on him and starts to believe. On the other hand, Regina doesn’t like Blaine being around all the time. At the end of day 20 she and Lily have a huge fight and she says she won’t help Lily again!

On day 21 Lily and Blaine repair the windmill area. Blaine also manipulates Lily thinking that Regina was a jealous woman. But the actual story gets reveal at night when Lily hears Blaine and Larry talking in the garden! YES! Blaine is working with Larry. They want to convince Lily to sell the property. In that way, Larry will get his portion and Blaine will get money from Lily.

Lily gets upset and on the next the asks Blaine to leave her house right away. Blaine leaves and Lily calls up on Regina. Everything settles down between them and Regina comes to help with the windmill.