Lily’s Garden Level 3112 Cheats

Hello my friends! Today we will share tips on Lily’s Garden Level 3112. The goal for this level is to collect statues flower vase. You get 34 moves to complete this level.

There are 4 separate blocks in this level. There are not inter connected. Make rocket boosters, as it clears everything in a line, it will reach the other blocks. The best option you can go for is to make a rocket and potion booster combination.

Here is a gameplay video of Lily’s Garden Level 3112:

Lily’s Garden FAQ

What happens after 30 days in Lily’s Garden?

Ans: After 30 days, Philip reveals that he and Mary just planned the whole thing to get Lily interested in the estate. Then Lily takes the ownership happily.

What is the storyline of Lily’s garden?

Ans: Lily inherits her grandmother Mary’s estate and tries to renovate it.

How many days is Lily’s Garden?

Ans: There are 30 days in the beginning. After that the story reveals more and Lily has more adventure ahead.