Lily’s Garden – Isla Bonita

Hello friends! So, after day 90 Lily and Luke goes on a different trip. This time Luke finds some advertisement of Isla Bonita where you can stay on a yacht and renovate the island. You are doing both like enjoying a holiday free by renovating the Island. Lily and and Luke both decides to go on this Renocation!

But things weren’t so smooth for them. When they were close to the Island a deadly storm hits them. The yacht sinks and they wash up on the shore. Luckily, Lily or Luke weren’t hurt. They are just left with Luke’s adventure pack.

So, Lily and Luke starts on working on the Villa in the island, that they were suppose to renovate. The adventure continues from them. If you haven’t reach day 90 yet, then don’t worry. This part of the story will continue when you reach there.