Homescapes – Level 4167 Cheats

Hello friends! We will discuss about Homescapes Level 4167 cheats in this article. You will be needing Kittens and Jam Jars to win this level. 15 moves will be given to you.

You must collect all the tokens to reveal the whole area first. The more booster you make, the better. After revealing the whole area, try to make at least one match beside the empty jars. The most unique feature of the jar is the first match should be a usual match to have the color jam inside. The final move can be done by a booster. Also, you can’t move the jars.

Here is a gameplay video of Homescapes Level 4167:

Homescapes Guide

Can You Ever Beat Homescapes?

Ans: Some levels are tough, but yes you can win each and every level of Homescapes.

Can You Play Homescapes?

Ans: Homescapes is avavilable on all platforms like, Google Play, App Store, Amazon Kindle.