Homescapes – Level 4145 Game Tips

Hello friends! We are here to share tips on Homescapes Level 4145 today. You will need breads and jam jars to win this level.

Your first task is to reveal the entire board. Collect tokens as fast as possible. Then slowly make matches around the toasters. Collect breads by making matches around them.

Watch gameplay video of Homescapes Level 4145 Cheats:

Homescapes FAQ

How do you get unlimited life in Homescapes?

Ans: You can get unlimited lives in few ways playing Homescapes. Sometimes daily rewards gives you unlimited lives. Other than that participating in competitions might also give you special reward.

What is the trick to Homescapes?

Ans: Make matches at the bottom, so that pieces fall into places according to your choice. Another trick is to make as many boosters as possible.

How many levels are in Homescape?

Ans: At the moment there are 13400 levels in the game. We do our best to release new levels every week.