Homescapes – Level 4104 Game Tips

Hi guys! Let’s share tips on Homescapes Level 4104 today. The goal for this level is to collect breads and lay carpets. You will get 15 moves to complete the task.

There are 2 magic hats, surrounded by ribbons. You need to untie at least one knot to clear the ribbons. The collect the items to activate the magic hats.

Here is a video guide for Homescapes Level 4104:

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Homescapes FAQ

Can you play Homescapes on PC?

Ans: Yes the desktop version is available for both MacOS and Windows.

What is the end of Homescapes?

Ans: Austin discovers a safe of artifacts and photos. They fix the chimney to stoke a fire; the stairs leading to the Relaxation Room they refurnish later; and other details. The story ends with the success of Ellen’s published article. More Storyline is adding in the game, so the game is not ended yet.

How do I update Homescapes?

Ans: Click on Google play or App store depending on the device you are using. If you need an update you will see the update button under Homescapes. Click on it to get the latest version.