Homescapes Level 4088 Cheats

Hello friends! Lets take a look at Homescapes Level 4088 today. We will share cheats on how to win Homescapes Level 4088.

The items you need for this level are statues and rings. You get 15 moves to do so. There are spider webs all over the board. Only boosters can get rid off them. So, from the beginning try making combine boosters to clear wider area.

Here is a gameplay video of Homescapes Level 4088:

Homescapes FAQ

How do you get unlimited powerups in Homescapes?

Ans: Lots of events take place in Homescapes. If you play regularly, you can participate and in rewards you can get unlimited powerups in the game.

What is the trick to Homescapes?

Ans: Just play the game. Don’t think much. Take a look at the goal then work your way to achieve it. The best way for difficult levels of Homescapes is to make combined boosters.

How many total levels are there in Homescapes?

Ans: Right now 13,200 levels are available in Homescapes.