Gardenscapes – Types of Bombs

Hello gamers! Today we will look at the power up bombs of Gardenscapes. It gets a little difficult to differentiate which bombs to make and how. Well, don’t worry we are here to help you!

Here is a list of bombs and how to create them:

Firecracker: Any 4 same item matches will create a firecracker. It will create only one item around it. So in my opinion it is not always helpful in the game.

Bomb: A diagonal 5 items match will create a bomb. It is very useful, since it clears a bunch if items around it. Always try to create bombs, it really helps you!

Dynamite: Now things get a bit difficult while making a dynamite. A match of 6 items create a dynamite. As difficult it is to make the much big explosion you will have. So creating a dynamite will help you a lot in the game.

TNT barrel: A match of 7 or more create a TNT barrel. It creates the biggest explosion and clears items in the level. Making this will make your level so much easier.

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