Gardenscapes – Meet Robbie

Hello people! If you play Gardenscapes then you must have met Robbie. Lets find out who Robbie really is?

Robbie met Austin when they were 4. One of them took a ball that belonged to the other and got hit with a toy spade in return. They managed to work it out and somehow that dramatic accident made them best friends for life. Later, when Austin left for the Institute of Modern Butlers to pursue his career, Robbie would send him pictures of his woodwork instead of regular letters showing his achievements.

Like many boys of that age, Austin and Robbie were into martial arts and wanted to try kendo. Right after Robbie opened his own Wood’s Workshop, he did a kitchen furniture project for a family that just moved to town. And what are the odds the family head happened to be a kendo master. That’s how Robbie started his path of this martial art. He is still friends with his teacher and sometimes on Saturday mornings you can see them training together outside.

Robbie fell in love with his wife from the very first sight, when he saw her on a poster ad of the First Steps to Peace of Mind course. It took one and a half years and a whole The Journey from Mind to Heart course before Melinda finally said yes and married Robbie. And they’ve been together for eight years now.

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