Candy Crush Jelly Saga – Purple Candies

Hey there jelly lovers ! If you are  a fan of Candy Crush Jelly and have passed quite few levels then you must have found purple candies. In some levels we find purple candies which are very helpful. Whenever you make a match that will lead you to create a booster, 4 columns and rows will be cleared out. If you make a line of four as if you are making a striped candy you will get a line blast of four lines or columns, depending on the direction of the line you have made. In the image below if the top purple candy is moved down to make a line of four the blast will go vertically through all four columns.Making a T or L shape will cause a 6 X 6 blast removing any candies or one layer from any blockers in that area.If you make a fish pattern with 4 or 5 candies you will get four or five fish, which will swim away without needing to be matched, so they can be very useful on honey and soda bottle levels. So you see it helps you to clear your level faster. So use it wisely.

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