Candy Crush Jelly Saga – Freeze The Jelly Queen

In Candy Crush Jelly Saga you will find a new character named Jelly Queen. In Jelly Queen levels you need to defeat her. you have to spread your jelly over the board and meet the requirements posted in the upper side of the screen. However, the Queen herself will make matches, spreading her own jelly and trying to make your life difficult. So it’s double the challenge in the end, and these battles are some of the most difficult levels in a Candy Crush game ever.

You can freeze her for 2/3 moves. One of the best things you can use to your advantage is the option to stun the Jelly Queen. You can freeze her by creating a match that results in a special candy – doesn’t matter which, any special candy freeze her. That means she won’t move for a turn.

But the best thing about stunning the queen is that if you manage to stun her three times in a row, now only that she will lose three valuable moves, but your next one will be a special move that will explode and fill the board with your jelly.

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