Lily’s Garden – Level 2843 Gameplay

Hi there! Let’s talk about Lily’s Garden Level 2843. The higher levels of Lily’s Garden can be very challenging. So today we will discuss the easier way to win this level. You will need flower pots, golds and chestnuts to win this level. There are stone walls separating the flower pots from the main block. […]

Homescapes – Level 3796 Game Tips

Hello friends! Homescapes Level 3796 is a bit challenging. So, here we will discuss the easiest steps to win this level. The goal for this level is to collect cherries and lay carepts. There are iced items in this level. Some of the ices will have multiple layers, so use boosters around them to break […]

Homescapes – Level 3788 Gameplay

Hello friends! We will talk about Homescapes Level 3788 in this article. You will need ring and statues to win this level. You get 23 moves to do so. You need to collect tokens to revel the entire board. First, work on collecting the tokens. For statues try making boosters as those only can be […]

Lily’s Garden – Level 2832 Game Tips

Hi there! Let’s take you through Lily’s Garden Level 2832. The goal for this level is to collect statues and butterflies. You get 35 moves to do so. You need to open up the cocoons. Make matches or use boosters to reveal the butterflies. Use boosters to collect the butterflies, as it is easier approach. […]

Homescapes – Level 3785 Tips

Hello friends! Let’s discuss about Homescapes Level 3785. The goal for this level is to collect cherries and lay carpets. You will get only 16 moves. There are vacuum cleaner in this level. So, try collecting the color items you need to start it up. It will clear out everything in a particular direction. Watch […]

Homescapes – Playlist

Fan of Homescapes?  We have an every growing list of video guides to help you in your quest! Not all levels are exactly the same but the strategies and techniques used to succeed are! We are big fans of the game as well, like you! Check out our video guides by clicking on the Game […]

BTS Island In The SEOM – Level 125 Tips

Hi friends! We will share tips on Level 125 of BTS Island In The SEOM. This is a super hard level. You will need ice and butter to win this level. This level has layered ice, that means you need multiple matches to get through the ice. Try making combo boosters, specially a bomb and […]