Manor Cafe – Add Friends

It’s time again for this weeks players to add friends. We could all use a new friend!  Click the Add friends button on the top menu and you’ll be whisked away to a special section where you can meet new friends and help each other in the your Manor Cafe game. It’s amazing how many […]

Homescapes – Level 4385 Tips & Tricks

Hello friends! We will share tips on Homescapes Level 4385 today. The goal for this level is to collect cherries and oil drops. You will get 16 moves to do so. There are ice bombs in this level. Clear the bombs before the time runs out. For oil drops you need to make matches beside […]

Homescapes – Level 4381 Cheats

Hello guys! We will share some cheats for Homescapes Level 4381 today. In this level you need breads and water buckets. You get 16 moves to complete this level. First you need to reveal the board. Collect tokens, so that the main area is visible. There are also some chained items, use boosters to clear […]

Lily’s Garden – Level 3276 Tips

Hi guys! We will discuss about Lily’s Garden Level 3276 in this article. We need bees, grass and dandelions in this level. 37 moves are available for this level. This level has a square board design. So try making rocket boosters to reach the whole area. The best combination would be a rocket and potion […]

Homescapes – Level 4240 Cheats

Hello guys! Let’s take you through Homescapes Level 4240 today. You need soap bubbles and corn to win this level. There are 2 layouts in this level. So you need to save more matches for the next board. For corns, make matches beside the cans consecutively. Until the can is gone. Making combo boosters will […]

Lily’s Garden – Level 3275 Tips & Tricks

Hi friends! We will share tips on Lily’s Garden Level 3275 in this article. You need flower pots and water drops to win this level. You get 35 moves to do so. The board design is very complicated. There are separate lines and some difficult corners in this board. Try making a potion booster and […]

Homescapes – Level 4233 Game Cheats

Hello friends! Let’s discuss about Homescapes Level 4233 today. The goal for this level is to collect yarn balls and tiles. You get only 10 moves to complete everything. You get a very limited amount of moves for this level. One plus point is you also get 2 magic hats. So, when you collect the […]

Lily’s Garden – Playlist

Fan of Lily’s Garden?  We have an every growing list of video guides to help you in your quest! Not all levels are exactly the same but the strategies and techniques used to succeed are! We are big fans of the game as well, like you! Check out our video guides by clicking on the […]

Homescapes – Level 4220 Tips & Tricks

Hi friends! Let’s discuss about Homescapes Level 4220. You will need breads to complete this level. You will get 23 moves to do so. There is a plasma globe in this level. Make matches and activate the globe. There are few flower beds placed in this level. Make matches beside each flower so that they […]

Lily’s Garden – Level 3259 Cheats

Hi friends! We will discuss about Lily’s Garden Level 3259. You will be needing flower vases, butterflies and dandelions to complete this level. For butterflies, try making random matches at first beside the cocoons. For collecting the butterflies, make boosters, because with that you don’t have to think about color matching. Watch gameplay video of […]